Stoic Landscapes

A sequence of diptychs and quadriptychs. Oil on canvas.

Untitled Landscapes

Untitled landscapes (2021 -2022) acrylic on paper, 76cm x 56cm.
Grisailles (Studies for a Stoic Landscapes) 2020-21. Acrylic on paper 50cm x 70cm

Distant Towns

A sequence of paintings made during the first Covid-19 lockdown, Spring 2020. During this period I set about exploring the horizon, painting the most distant locations I could see from the balcony of my home with a pair of binoculars. The results were essayistic and impressionistic. I avoided trying to identify the location by name or direction, instead focusing on the formal qualities of afternoon light, the ways architecture is a mediation between landscapes and bodies, and the sense that, without doubt, in those far windows I couldn’t see, there were others looking back.

Acrylic on prepared paper dimensions variable (typically approximately 40cm x 28cm).